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ICANN Domain Verification Regulation
ICANN (https://www.icann.org/) (Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbe... more
Domain is suspended for ICANN domain verification
_"Please be advised that as of the 1st January 2014 it has now become a mandator... more
EPP code and all about it
The domain authorization code (also it can be referred to as an Auth Code or an ... more
How to get EPP code from HostGator?
You can get EPP code at HostGator either by calling them or simply following the... more
How to get EPP code from BlueHost?
You can get EPP code at BlueHost either by contacting them or simply following t... more
How to get EPP code from GoDaddy?
You can get EPP code at GoDaddy either by calling them or simply following these... more
How to transfer domain to Hostinger?
You have bought a hosting package here at Hostinger, but you already have a doma... more
Can I link my domain to Shopify?
If you already have a domain, then there are three steps you need to take when y... more
Is wildcard SSL supported?
We do not support wildcard SSL at the moment. more
Can I host domains with special symbols here?
We do not support domains with special characters (such as "_" or "%"). You can... more
Is multi-domain SSL supported?
Multi-domain SSL is currently not supported on our system. more
Do you support SSL?
We do support SSL on all of our shared hosting packages and VPS! more
Could you provide me with a domain checker script?
We do not provide domain checkers scripts, however, if you want to find out if y... more
Can you register domain for me?
Registering a domain name is quite easy. You can choose us to register a domain ... more
.hu TLD registry requirements
The .hu TLD registry has special requirements for domains before nameservers can... more
How much does it cost to register a new domain?
Domain prices vary and it depends on what domain name you would like to use, cur... more
What are the differences between subdomain, parked domain and addon domain?
Subdomain * Let's say your domain is mysite.com. * You install a Message Boa... more
Do you provide domain masking?
Domain masking is currently not provided here at Hostinger. more
Can you renew my domain registered with other registrar when it will expire?
If your domain is currently registered with another registrar, we will not be ab... more
How soon until my domain is activated?
So you've just ordered a Domain Name registration, verified your Contact Informa... more
Can I buy domain only?
You may purchase a single domain from Hostinger and use it just fine! New domai... more
How to enable domain privacy?
You can hide WHOIS details by simply enabling Domain Privacy. It can be enabled ... more
Do you support IDN domains?
Yes! Hostinger supports internationalized domain names (IDN). We can host and re... more
If I buy a domain name from Hostinger, will it be registered in my own name?
Of course! You will be the full owner of your domain name once it is registered ... more
Where can I check status of domain transfer?
To check what is current domain name transfer status please click on "Domains" m... more
What IP should I enter in cloudflare configuration?
You can find what namesevers (IPs) you should use in Cloudflare by going to your... more
How can I check my current DNS settings for domain name?
To find out all of your current DNS settings for your Domain name, try using thi... more
Domain does not work with "www"
If you can access your website using your Domain without "www." (example.com) bu... more
Can I change a domain that I just purchased?
If you've purchased the wrong Domain name by mistake or you've changed your mind... more
How to transfer my free sudomain to another registrar?
Subdomains cannot be transferred to other companies or registrars, only full Dom... more
My domain name is registered with another provider. Can I host it here?
Sure! As long as you can point your domain name (http://help.hostinger.com/37152... more
How can I get a free domain registration?
Hostinger's Business and Premium packages (https://www.hostinger.com/web-hosting... more
How can I setup a redirect?
You can easily redirect your visitors from one page to another with the help of ... more
How can I park a domain?
Parked Domains will display the same exact content (the same website) as your ma... more
How can I create a subdomain?
Subdomains allow you to manage parts of your website very easily and make your l... more
I've just registered my Domain. When will it be available?
So you've just ordered a Domain Name registration, verified your Contact Informa... more
Difference between domains and subdomains
Domain names are mainly used as names for websites. In short, instead of having ... more
How can I delete a Domain Name?
Domain Names cannot be removed/deleted. Once a Domain is registered it remains a... more
What are child nameservers?
Child Nameservers are your own named private nameservers. These private or child... more
When is my Domain Transfer going to be complete?
Domain Transfers usually takes from 7 to 14 days to complete, depending on previ... more
Can I move a domain to another account at Hostinger?
Yes, it is totally possible to move a domain which currently lies on your accoun... more
I bought a Premium/Business hosting, how can I get my free domain?
If you've chosen to purchase our Premium or Business package and You've decided ... more
My private information is shown online on my Domains WHOIS, how can I hide it?
If you have a Domain name registration, your information is shown online via pub... more
Can I change my domain?
It's not possible to rename an existing hosting account on Hostinger. However, t... more
What is a parked domain for?
Usually, Parked Domains are used to have more than one Domain Name for the same ... more
How to request EPP/Auth code for domain transfers?
If you wish to transfer your domain to another company from Hostinger, the new r... more