ICANN Domain Verification Regulation

ICANN ( (Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers) requires domain owners to confirm their WHOIS ( contact information for new domain registrations, transfers, and contact modifications. How to verify contact information? After you purchase your domain name, you will receive an email from the domain registry to verify your contact information. Simply click on the verification link in the email and your contact information will be verified. K...

Domain is suspended for ICANN domain verification

_"Please be advised that as of the 1st January 2014 it has now become a mandatory requirement from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers (ICANN) that all ICANN accredited registrars verify the WHOIS contact information for all new domain registrations, domain transfers and registrant contact modifications." _ Probably you're here because you saw the above message when you went to your domain management page, or text like this already greeted you when you were entering your w...

EPP code and all about it

The domain authorization code (also it can be referred to as an Auth Code or an EPP Code) is a secret code that is necessary if you want to transfer your domain name. It's like a safeguard against unauthorized domain transfers. The thing with EPP codes is that every domain has a unique code which is assigned by the domain registrar, it also can be changed by them, so you can feel safe. Your domain will not be transferred without your permission! Keep in mind that EPP key is required when tran...

How to get EPP code from HostGator?

You can get EPP code at HostGator either by calling them or simply following these steps: 1. Login to your HostGator domain management portal. 2. Go to the "Domains" tab. 3. Click on the domain name in question. 4. Hover your mouse over the icons on the left and click Domain Locking: 5. On the Domain Locking page, toggle the button to the Locking OFF position to unlock the domain and click Save Domain Locking to save the changes: 6. Click the Request Your EPP Key button to obtain your Auth...

How to get EPP code from BlueHost?

You can get EPP code at BlueHost either by contacting them or simply following these steps: 1. Login to your BlueHost account. 2. Go to the "Domain Manager" page. 3. Click the domain name in question. 4. Unlock the domain on the "Lock" tab. 5. Turn off privacy on the "Privacy" tab 6. Press on "Transfer EPP" - this will provide you with EPP code. You will get an email with your domain authorization code in just a few minutes. All you have to do now is to enter your domain EPP code in Ho...

How to get EPP code from GoDaddy?

You can get EPP code at GoDaddy either by calling them or simply following these steps: 1. Login to your GoDaddy account. 2. Go to the "Domain Settings" page. 3. Once you are there, under Additional Settings, click "Get Authorization Code". You will get an email with your domain authorization code in just a few minutes. All you have to do now is to enter your domain EPP code in Hostinger Domain Transfer page when prompted. Note! Keep in mind that before transferring your domain name,...

How to transfer domain to Hostinger?

You have bought a hosting package here at Hostinger, but you already have a domain at another registrar? No worries! The most convenient way to use your domain together with your hosting package would be to transfer it to Hostinger. You would have everything in one place, plus it is easy! First of all, you should know what is EPP code. You can read about it Here ( In order to transfer your domain to Hostinger, you need to follo...

Can I link my domain to Shopify?

If you already have a domain, then there are three steps you need to take when you connect your domain in Shopify: 1. Add the domain to Shopify. You can find a tutorial on how to do it here ( 2. Connect it to Shopify. Tutorial here (

Is wildcard SSL supported?

We do not support wildcard SSL at the moment.

Can I host domains with special symbols here?

We do not support domains with special characters (such as "_" or "%"). You can host an internationalized domain names without any problems. Please note that when registering on our website you still must enter domain in Latin (ASCII) characters, for example:

Is multi-domain SSL supported?

Multi-domain SSL is currently not supported on our system.

Do you support SSL?

We do support SSL on all of our shared hosting packages and VPS!

Could you provide me with a domain checker script?

We do not provide domain checkers scripts, however, if you want to find out if your domain is available, please go to and enter your desired domain name. If domain is available, you will be able to register it!

Can you register domain for me?

Registering a domain name is quite easy. You can choose us to register a domain for you! To register a new domain name, please access and enter your desired domain name, if it is available, proceed with instructions and you'll order a domain name!

.hu TLD registry requirements

The .hu TLD registry has special requirements for domains before nameservers can be changed. Please set up the e-mail address or remove all MX records from the domain as long as the nameservers are being changed. First, You just have to create the email, then your registrar will let you change the nameservers, otherwise, they will not let you do that.

How much does it cost to register a new domain?

Domain prices vary and it depends on what domain name you would like to use, currently, cheapest domains that we offer are .xyz domains, you can find all our domains pricing here:

What are the differences between subdomain, parked domain and addon domain?

Subdomain * Let's say your domain is * You install a Message Board and put in in a directory called * You can turn the directory board into a sub-domain by adding it as a sub-domain from your Control Panel. * Now you can access your Message board as either OR * This costs you nothing and is free. How to create a subdomain: (

Do you provide domain masking?

Domain masking is currently not provided here at Hostinger.

Can you renew my domain registered with other registrar when it will expire?

If your domain is currently registered with another registrar, we will not be able to renew it for you, however, you could transfer the domain to us, then we will be able to renew it! :) Additionally, you could wait until your account will expire and register it here at Hostinger :)

How soon until my domain is activated?

So you've just ordered a Domain Name registration, verified your Contact Information, you are probably eager to get right to it and load up your website through your new Domain. In this case, it's great to keep in mind that Domain name registrations take a few hours to fully complete. Each domain owner needs to provide his contact information, as stated in the ICANN rules, the contact information you've provided needs to be reviewed. Additionally, your Domain might be already registered, howeve...

Can I buy domain only?

You may purchase a single domain from Hostinger and use it just fine! New domains can be registered here:

How to enable domain privacy?

You can hide WHOIS details by simply enabling Domain Privacy. It can be enabled from your Hostinger account, Domains section. Select the domain you want to have a domain privacy on and scroll down to the bottom. There you will see "Would you like to keep this information private?" message. Click Order button to proceed and you will be redirected to the payment page. Domain privacy cost 5$ a year per domain.

Do you support IDN domains?

Yes! Hostinger supports internationalized domain names (IDN). We can host and register Internationalized Domain Names. Please note, you still need to convert your domain name into Punycode ( to register ( the encoded version of your domain name.

If I buy a domain name from Hostinger, will it be registered in my own name?

Of course! You will be the full owner of your domain name once it is registered through us! You can also transfer it ( to any other company if needed. This applies to free domains ( as well.

Where can I check status of domain transfer?

To check what is current domain name transfer status please click on "Domains" menu from the top of your client area and then search for the domain name and on the right side, you will see transfer status.

What IP should I enter in cloudflare configuration?

You can find what namesevers (IPs) you should use in Cloudflare by going to your Control Panel -> Details.

How can I check my current DNS settings for domain name?

To find out all of your current DNS settings for your Domain name, try using this tool: There are many alternatives available that look up your current DNS settings, including: active Nameservers, MX records, where the Domain is resolving exactly and many others. The tool works almost real-time, so if you've just switched your Nameservers or some specific DNS settings, the tool should display the change in a matter of minutes.

Domain does not work with "www"

If you can access your website using your Domain without "www." ( but with "www." it won't load, most likely you need to check your DNS zone settings to see if you have an "A" record for "www" entry of your domain. The "A" record should point to the same IP as your default main Domain. The IP is also shown in your account's Details section ( You can also setup CNAME record: "_www_ IN CNAME _yourdomain....

Can I change a domain that I just purchased?

If you've purchased the wrong Domain name by mistake or you've changed your mind, and if your domain Order Status is not yet set to Active, you can contact us via our Live Chat or submit a support ticket in the Help section to register a different Domain Name registration. If the domain is already Active then it cannot be changed. To see if your domain status is active, go to your Hostinger Profile and click on Domains. Select your domain and check the status.

How to transfer my free sudomain to another registrar?

Subdomains cannot be transferred to other companies or registrars, only full Domains names. Unfortunately, Hostinger's free subdomains cannot be transferred anywhere else. you can not transfer your free subdomain to another registrar. You can only transfer your own full Domain name registrations.

My domain name is registered with another provider. Can I host it here?

Sure! As long as you can point your domain name ( to our servers, you can use the domain you've registered somewhere else with your hosting account here. If you have any trouble with pointing your domain from a different service, do not hesitate to contact us by going to our Live Chat or submitting a ticket in the Help section of your Hostinger profile, we will be happy to assist you.

How can I get a free domain registration?

Hostinger's Business and Premium packages ( include a Free Domain name registration if you choose the 12 months or a bigger Billing Cycle. Available TLDs are: * .xyz * .com * .net * .info

How can I setup a redirect?

You can easily redirect your visitors from one page to another with the help of the Redirects feature. To setup a redirection, access your website's Control Panel and locate the Redirects menu. In the Redirects menu, you can setup a new redirection in the Create a Redirect section. You can set up a redirection from one page of your website to another. This also works for subdomains or completely different websites. Notes: * You can also choose between the HTTP or HTTPS protocol for ...

How can I park a domain?

Parked Domains will display the same exact content (the same website) as your main account's domain. You can also create email accounts for Parked domains. It's a great feature if you wish to have multiple domains for your website. To park a domain access your website's Control Panel and search for the Parked Domains menu. Keep in mind that the domain you wish to park must be already registered and pointed to our nameservers ( In...

How can I create a subdomain?

Subdomains allow you to manage parts of your website very easily and make your link look great at the same time! For example, instead of having the store page of your site looke something like this: you can just create a subdomain for that part of your website: Subdomains can also act as fully independent websites. To create a subdomain, access your websites Control Panel and locate the Subdomains menu. In the Subdomains menu, take a look at the Cre...

I've just registered my Domain. When will it be available?

So you've just ordered a Domain Name registration, verified your Contact Information, you are probably eager to get right to it and load up your website through your new Domain. In this case, it's great to keep in mind that Domain name registrations take a few hours to fully complete. Each domain owner needs to provide his contact information, as stated in the ICANN rules, the contact information you've provided needs to be reviewed. Additionally, your Domain might be already registered, howeve...

Difference between domains and subdomains

Domain names are mainly used as names for websites. In short, instead of having to type each website's IP into our browsers, domain names give websites their own good looking name that can be easily memorized and used by everyone. For example, to access our website, all you need to enter into your browser is, instead of a string of random numbers like They can have multiple different extensions, such as .com, .net, .org. Domain Name registrations are usually not free a...

How can I delete a Domain Name?

Domain Names cannot be removed/deleted. Once a Domain is registered it remains active until it's expiration date. Once the expiration date is reached, the domain is deleted some time later after the Grace/Redemption period is ended. Because of that, Domain Name registrations are also not refundable. If you no longer wish to use your Domain Name registration, just let it expire.

What are child nameservers?

Child Nameservers are your own named private nameservers. These private or child nameservers can be created through the domain's current registrar. These type of Nameservers are great for pointing your domain to your VPS (, or simply looks better on WHOIS lookups. They are also widely used by Hosting Resellers. The, in th...

When is my Domain Transfer going to be complete?

Domain Transfers usually takes from 7 to 14 days to complete, depending on previous Registrar and extension. Before Your Domain can be Transferred it must meet the following conditions: * The Domain has to be registered for at least 60 days. * The Domain has to be unlocked for Transfer. It can be unlocked from your previous Registrars side. If you are unsure how to unlock it, consider contacting Your previous Registrar for assistance. * The Domain's WHOIS privacy setting should be OFF. ...

Can I move a domain to another account at Hostinger?

Yes, it is totally possible to move a domain which currently lies on your account to another account at Hostinger. This process has to be eventually completed by our customer success staff, but there are a few things you can do to expedite the process: * If the domain you wish to move ends in .com, .net, .org, .info, .asia, .biz, .ca, .de, .es, .eu, .in, .mobi, .name, .pro, .pw, .ru, .uk or .xyz, please ensure that the receiving Hostinger account has full contact details entered in its prof...

I bought a Premium/Business hosting, how can I get my free domain?

If you've chosen to purchase our Premium or Business package and You've decided you want to go for the 12 months or more Billing Plan, then you will be happy to know that we include a Free Domain Name registration together with your Package. This Domain Name has to be chosen at the very begging of Your Order. However, if you've missed this when ordering your package, no worries, please contact us via our Helpdesk area and just give us the Domain Name you wish to register. Make sure to check o...

My private information is shown online on my Domains WHOIS, how can I hide it?

If you have a Domain name registration, your information is shown online via public WHOIS listings. Each and every Domain owner must provide and verify his Contact information, due to ICANN regulations. However, your Domains WHOIS information can be hidden with the help of a domain privacy service. Hostinger offers this service too and you can purchase it from your Domains management section that can be accessed by clicking on Domains in your Hostinger profile and selecting your owned Domain...

Can I change my domain?

It's not possible to rename an existing hosting account on Hostinger. However, there are few solutions: 1. You could create a backup of the current hosting account, purchase new domain by going to your Control Panel -> Domains and afterwards, upload your content to a new hosting account ( 2. Park a new domain name on the existing hosting account by going to your Control Panel -> Add website. Having troubles? Please contact...

What is a parked domain for?

Usually, Parked Domains are used to have more than one Domain Name for the same website. In other words, a Parked Domain will display the exact same content (website) as the Hosting Account's Main Domain. Additionally, a Parked Domain can be used to make Email Accounts too, so this is a great solution if only need to use the Domain for Emails. Before a Domain can be Parked on Your Hosting Account, it has to point our Nameservers (

How to request EPP/Auth code for domain transfers?

If you wish to transfer your domain to another company from Hostinger, the new registrar may ask for an authorization code (EPP code) to verify that you actually own the domain name registration. In order to request an EPP code or Auth code, all you need to do is access your Hostinger Profile and access your Domains area by clicking on Domains at the very top of the page. In the management area, select your domain in left side of the page (if you have more than one) and then look for "Secret Co...