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How to get email configuration?
Your Email Accounts details can be located by accessing your Control Panel and n... more
How can I setup Outlook?
In order to setup Outlook on your computer, we recommend you to check the tutori... more
I need to send mass mail, can I use external SMTP (like Google)?
If you need to send (mass) mails from an e-mail with your domain extension (e-ma... more
RoundCube shows blank "From" address or Sender field is blank
Updated Roundcube version uses identities to send mail from. If you see the sen... more
I cannot receive/send emails
Do you get any errors when you are trying to send or receive emails? Is there a... more
Can I install my own webmail client?
You should be able to install your own webmail client, but we can not provide an... more
How can I fix "Gmail couldn't verify that [mydomain] actually sent this message (and not a spammer)"?
Gmail shows a red question mark as profile photo for non-authenticated email sen... more
How to update RoundCube's user interface
If your email account was created a long time ago and you'd like to update its g... more
How can I recover deleted emails from webmail?
Currently, Emails are not backed up automatically like your website's files and ... more
How can I create an e-mail signature?
If you using our RoundCube mail client, you can create a signature via Settings ... more
If I change MX records can I manage emails from Hostinger control panel?
If you choose to change your Domain's MX Records (http://help.hostinger.com/1859... more
How can I backup my e-mails?
Your emails are not backed up automatically on Hostinger.com and at the moment, ... more
Can I reset my email password in Webmail (roundcube)?
Yes! There are two ways how you can change your Webmail password. 1) You can ch... more
How to access webmail via URL address?
To access your email accounts from Webmail, you are not required to access your ... more
What are the email sending limits?
Currently, we have these SMTP emails _per hour_ sending limits on our shared ser... more
How can I enable SMTP authentication?
SMTP authentication is enabled and you can check all of the settings by going to... more
How many email recipients may I have?
The following limits apply to all of Hostinger.com Shared Hosting packages: you ... more
What is max outgoing e-mail attachment size?
The maximum allowed attachment size for Emails is 25MB. more
How to fix problem if you are able to send but not receive emails?
If you are not receiving emails this could be due to many different reasons. To ... more
I was suspended for mass mail!
Mass mail is strictly prohibited by our Terms Of Service (https://www.hostinger.... more
Why my email goes to the spam folder?
Your emails can potentially go to SPAM folders for a number of reasons. Dependin... more
How to point MX record to Hostinger Mail Server?
In order to receive mail by Hostinger mail server, you need to access your domai... more
How can I catch all emails?
Catch-all Emails is a powerful feature that allows you to forward ALL of the ema... more
How can I enable/disable mail services?
You can disable/enable email services for your domain either partially or fully.... more
How can I setup an auto responder for my email addresses?
An automatic email responder is a great tool to make your business emails seem m... more
Can I manage my email addresses with Google Apps?
You sure can! If you wish to manage your incoming emails with Google Apps, you n... more
How can I edit MX records?
A mail exchanger record (MX record) points the Domain to a mail server. In other... more
How can I forward an email address?
You can forward any incoming emails to one of your Email accounts to another Ema... more
How can I access my webmail?
You can access your Email accounts through your browser with the help of Webmail... more
How can I manage my email accounts?
Your email accounts can be easily managed with the help of the Email Accounts me... more
Where can I find my email account's details?
In order to use your Email Account with Outlook or Thunderbird, you will need to... more
How to set up my email account on Android/iPhone?
You can use all of your created Email Accounts with your iPhone/Android smartpho... more