Getting Started

How to access LiveChat?

You can access our Live Chat by going to your Control Panel ( or Dashboard ( and clicking on Hostinger Dragon which says "Need Help?" Just a simple click will bring up the Knowledge Base with live chat button available at the bottom of the sidebar. Can't find something in our Knowledge Base? Click on "Anything missing? Let's chat!" button and one of our staff members will greet you and assist you in just a few moments!

Using Website Builder

The Zyro Website Builder feature is a powerful tool that's suited for users who have no previous website developing experience. You can start building your website from scratch today, without too much effort, our magic elves will do the work for you! All you need to do to start creating website please go to your Control Panel -> Website Builder icon. That will take you to the Zyro Website Builder page where you can start developing your website.

Auto Installer

Everyone wants to create their website professionally and fast. Our Auto Installer provides you with an ability to do exactly that! By the way, it is absolutely free of charge. You can locate Auto Installer by going to your Control Panel -> Auto Installer. Simply enter what CMS you want to install into a search box and choose one of the available scripts. Afterward, you will be able to install the application in just a few clicks! Also, required databases will be also automatically cr...

Introduction to SSL

Security has always been a major cause for concern when surfing the web. Hasn't it? Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, is a security protocol that uses modern encryption to send and receive sensitive information all over the internet. It works by creating a secure channel between a user’s browser, and the website’s server to which the user wants to connect to. Any information that passes through this channel is encrypted at one end and decrypted upon receipt on the other end. Websites can enable S...

Finding details

In order to start building your website, sometimes you will need to find connection details, for example, to your FTP account. The question is, where can I find them? Don't worry, here at Hostinger we have all of them stored in one place. You should go to your Control Panel -> Details. Control Panel can be accessed here - (

I want to create a website but I have no technical knowledge

So you've decided to create your own website, but you feel lost, as you don't have any technical and website development experience? Don't know where to start? No problem! You can easily create your own good looking, fully functional website in just a few minutes using Hostinger's ( Website Builder ( No design skills, coding or any other technical knowledge is needed! The Website Builder is included with ...

How can I purchase hosting?

In order to start using Hostinger services, you need to purchase a hosting account! For starters, the best choice would be to get one of our Shared hosting packages. They can be found here - Single web hosting package is ideal for 1 small website since it provides you with 1 MySQL database, 1 FTP, and email account. Premium web hosting package will be perfect for growing & medium sites, it will provide you with unlimited FTP, email accounts, databases. If...