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Do you support foreign keys in phpmyadmin?
Foreign keys are supported on all of our packages! more
How many mysql user connections do you allow (at the same time)?
Our servers are set to use up to 15 simultaneous MySQL connections for one MySQL... more
MySQL timeout errors
If you experience MySQL timeouts, it's possible you are using heavy or very long... more
How to import/export database?
To import/export a MySQL database you need to follow these simple steps: - If y... more
How can I fix/repair and optimize database myself?
You can optimize/repair your database via phpMyAdmin: First, log into cPanel an... more
How can I change my MySQL database collation?
This can be done by going to your Control Panel -> MySQL Databases -> phpM... more
What is my database socket path?
The default location for the Unix socket file that the server uses for communica... more
Is CREATE VIEW operation supported on your MySQL server?
Yes, we fully support MySQL CREATE VIEW operation! more
#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax
The error 1064 occurs due to MySQL version mismatch. Different versions have dif... more
How can I modify database charset?
You can modify database charset using phpmyadmin at any time. Simply select the ... more
What formats of database uploads are supported?
You can upload your database in the following formats using phpMyadmin: * C... more
Is mysqli enabled?
Yes! The mysqli module is enabled and is fully supported by default on our serve... more
How can I access PhpMyadmin directly by web browser?
You can access your website's phpMyAdmin either from your website's Control Pane... more
I can not create database with phpMyAdmin
You can only create new databases in your website's Control Panel (http://help.h... more
How can I locate my MySQL database details?
If you're creating a website that requires a database, you may need to check the... more
Is event_scheduler enabled for MySQL?
event_scheduler is currently disabled on our Shared Hosting packages. However, i... more
How do I get the SHOW DATABASES privilege?
The _SHOW DATABASES_ privilege is not available on our Shared Hosting packages s... more
How can I setup a remote MySQL connection?
If you wish to connect to our MySQL server from your computer or from some other... more
How can I access phpMyAdmin?
phpMyAdmin is a MySQL database administration tool. It's the most recommended an... more
How can I delete my MySQL Database?
Your MySQL databases can be fully managed from the MySQL Databases menu. To remo... more
How can I list my currently created MySQL Databases?
A list of the created MySQL Databases is available at MySQL Databases from your ... more
How can I create a new MySQL Database?
MySQL databases can be created through your website's Control Panel with just a ... more
What kind of SQL is being used for Hostinger's servers?
We use MariaDB_ _on our Shared Hosting packages. MariaDB is an enhanced replacem... more
What is my MySQL hostname?
Your MySQL Database information (including your Hostname) can be located in Your... more
How to set up a remote MySQL access?
Before you can connect to your databases remotely, the IP making the remote conn... more
How to fix "Error establishing a database connection"
If you ever see the 'Error establishing a database connection' message, this usu... more
What is the MySQL port?
The Port that we are using for MySQL is 3306. This is default MySQL port and, us... more