Do you support foreign keys in phpmyadmin?

Foreign keys are supported on all of our packages!

How many mysql user connections do you allow (at the same time)?

Our servers are set to use up to 15 simultaneous MySQL connections for one MySQL user at the same time.

MySQL timeout errors

If you experience MySQL timeouts, it's possible you are using heavy or very long MySQL queries. Please try using mysql_reconnect command before each query, and everything should be fine.

How to import/export database?

To import/export a MySQL database you need to follow these simple steps: - If you want to import database please log in to Control Panel, find MySQL Databases and create a new database. - Login to phpMyAdmin and click Import / Export button at the top of the page. This section will allow you to import or export any database! Detailed tutorials: * Importing a MySQL database: * Exporting a M...

How can I fix/repair and optimize database myself?

You can optimize/repair your database via phpMyAdmin: First, log into cPanel and open up the MySQL Databases section icon. At the bottom of the screen, you will find a link for phpMyAdmin. Clicking on this link will open up a new browser window with the home screen for phpMyAdmin. On this screen, click Databases. This will list all the databases you have setup. Click on the database you want to work on. The database screen will list the tables for the given database. Click the Check All link...

How can I change my MySQL database collation?

This can be done by going to your Control Panel -> MySQL Databases -> phpMyAdmin, afterward follow the instructions below: 1. Select the database you wish to manage from the drop-down menu on the left 2. Click on the Operations tab in the top menu of your phpMyAdmin 3. At the bottom of the page you will see the collation option, you can now select a collation from the drop down menu and click on the Go button. Please note that after your change the collation of a database only the ne...

What is my database socket path?

The default location for the Unix socket file that the server uses for communication with local clients is /tmp/mysql.sock (if this one does not work try /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock).

Is CREATE VIEW operation supported on your MySQL server?

Yes, we fully support MySQL CREATE VIEW operation!

#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax

The error 1064 occurs due to MySQL version mismatch. Different versions have different reserved words, which, if they are used by a previous version, causes the error to occur. The simplest and most effective solution for it is the following: when using phpMyadmin (accessible from your Control Panel), select the "compatibility mode" & select the target database version from the drop down box. That's it! You shouldn't get the same error again.

How can I modify database charset?

You can modify database charset using phpmyadmin at any time. Simply select the database you want to edit, click 'Operations' tab and look for 'Collation' field. Select new charset and click 'Go' button to save your changes. If you need to modify charset for an individual table or even field, you can repeat the same operation after selecting desired table or field :)

What formats of database uploads are supported?

You can upload your database in the following formats using phpMyadmin: * CSV * DocSQL * Open Document Spreadsheet * Esri Shape File * SQL * XML

Is mysqli enabled?

Yes! The mysqli module is enabled and is fully supported by default on our servers and since MySQL is officially deprecated in PHP v5.5.0 ( and removed in PHP v7 ( you can use mysqli module from PHP version 5.0.

How can I access PhpMyadmin directly by web browser?

You can access your website's phpMyAdmin either from your website's Control Panel or login to it directly while using the following link: You will need to know your database name, username, and password, in order to access phpMyAdmin directly through a web browser. Accessing it via your Control Panel does not require credentials at all.

How can I change the timezone of my MySQL database?

Your server's Global time configuration cannot be changed, but you can use per-connection time zones. Here's an example of SQL command that you can phpMyAdmin that sets the timezone to Asia/Bangkok: SET time_zone = 'Asia/Bangkok'; A list of available timezones can be found here: More useful articles: * How to access phpMyAdmin: * More information about per-connection time zones: htt...

I can not create database with phpMyAdmin

You can only create new databases in your website's Control Panel ( It's impossible to create a new database using phpMyAdmin because of security restrictions.

How can I locate my MySQL database details?

If you're creating a website that requires a database, you may need to check the database details or review your database information. You can simply get this information at MySQL databases section in Control Panel of your hosting account: After entering MySQL databases, there are 4 sections that contain important information about your MySQL databases: * MySQL database - Database name * MySQL user - User name * MySQL host - Host name (please note that we don't use localhost for ...

Is event_scheduler enabled for MySQL?

event_scheduler is currently disabled on our Shared Hosting packages. However, it can be enabled on a VPS, so feel free to check out the available VPS packages:

How do I get the SHOW DATABASES privilege?

The _SHOW DATABASES_ privilege is not available on our Shared Hosting packages since due to security reasons, we do not give full administrator access to our users. Unfortunately, this limitation cannot be changed either. However, you can have full access and do almost anything with a VPS package, so if this feature is simply vital for you and your website consider checking out our VPS packages and prices at

How can I setup a remote MySQL connection?

If you wish to connect to our MySQL server from your computer or from some other server you first need to provide the remote IP addresses that will connect to our MySQL server. From your hosting account control panel, you can configure a new connection by clicking on Remote MySQL. Use the form "Create remote database connection" to provide your remote IP for the desired database.

How can I access phpMyAdmin?

phpMyAdmin is a MySQL database administration tool. It's the most recommended and most easy to use tool to manage your database. Each of your databases will have a separate phpMyAdmin interface. To access phpMyAdmin for your created databases, locate the phpMyAdmin menu on your websites Control Panel. You will see a List of your Current Databases. Clicking on Enter phpMyAdmin next to the database which you want to access will automatically take you to the databases phpMyAdmin, no username or...

How can I delete my MySQL Database?

Your MySQL databases can be fully managed from the MySQL Databases menu. To remove an already existing database, just access the MySQL Databases menu on your hosting account's Control Panel. In the MySQL Databases menu, you will notice the List of Current MySQL Databases And Users section. Your created databases can be managed here. By clicking Delete, the database will be deleted permanently so make sure to create a backup before fully removing your database.

How can I list my currently created MySQL Databases?

A list of the created MySQL Databases is available at MySQL Databases from your hosting account control panel. From the "List of Current MySQL Databases And Users" section you can see and manage your created MySQL databases:

How can I create a new MySQL Database?

MySQL databases can be created through your website's Control Panel with just a few clicks. Thanks to the MySQL Databases feature, you won't need to worry about assigning a user to your database or even setting permissions, unless you need some specific settings. To start, just navigate to your MySQL Databases menu on your hosting account's Control Panel. By using the Create a New MySQL Database And Database User form, you can easily create a database, as well as a user that will be assigned...

What kind of SQL is being used for Hostinger's servers?

We use MariaDB_ _on our Shared Hosting packages. MariaDB is an enhanced replacement for MySQL. The main reasons why we chose MariaDB instead of MySQL are that MariaDB has more improved query optimizer, updates are released regularly, and the overall performance of MariaDB is better. You can check the current version of MariaDB used on our server in your hosting account's Control Panel on the very left side of the page.

What is my MySQL hostname?

Your MySQL Database information (including your Hostname) can be located in Your Control Panel. Access your Control Panel and search for the MySQL Databases menu. As an alternative, you can use the Search Bar to find MySQL Databases section quicker. Your MySQL Database information can be located at the bottom of the newly opened page. Note the MySQL Host section, as it represents your MySQL Database Hostname. If your List of Current MySQL Databases is empty, you need to create a MySQL...

How to set up a remote MySQL access?

Before you can connect to your databases remotely, the IP making the remote connection has to be allowed on your account's side. To allow an remote connection, access your website's Control Panel, and search for the Remote MySQL menu. In the Remote MySQL menu, you will see the Create remote database connection section. The Host should contain the IP address from which the remote connection will come from, for example, your own IP. Make sure to select the Database which will be remotely acce...

How to fix "Error establishing a database connection"

If you ever see the 'Error establishing a database connection' message, this usually means that your website failed to connect to the database due to incorrect database configuration settings. For example, WordPress's database configuration file is wp-config.php, located in your WordPress installation's root (main) folder. The most common causes are: - Incorrect MySQL hostname used. Make sure you are using the correct hostname. Hostinger does not use localhost, make sure you find out your acc...

What is the MySQL port?

The Port that we are using for MySQL is 3306. This is default MySQL port and, usually, it's not required to enter it. If you want to connect to your database remotely, you need to use the Remote MySQL menu in your Control Panel. Check out This Tutorial ( for more information on how to setup a remote MySQL connection.