When will you claim my PayPal payment?

We are unable to claim manually sent payments. You need to pay us via our website so that we could accept your payment.

Can I choose any payment period I want?

It is possible to choose between these billing cycles for Shared Hosting: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, 36 months or 48 months. VPS hosting is available in these billing cycles: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, 48 months or 60 months.

Can I prepay for hosting service or domains?

Yes, you can prepay at anytime. All advance payments are added to your balance that is used to cover your future payments.

PayPal asks me to add credit card

If PayPal asks you to add credit card when you are trying to pay for the service, please choose "PayPal (unverified)" option when submitting your payment, it will be fine then! :)

I can not pay with my credit card or PayPal!

If you have problems making payments with your credit card, please make sure you have enough funds and your billing details (like CVV code) are entered correctly. If you prefer to pay in local currency, you can do it using Visa and Mastercard only. You must choose USD in payment page if using a different card. However, if you still have any issues, please review the URL where you get an error and contact the company through which you're doing the payment. For example, if you're making paymen...

Do you accept direct payments via PayPal?

We do not accept direct money transfers via PayPal. You need to use our order form to submit payment via PayPal.

Can I pay monthly?

Sure! You can pay monthly for our VPS packages ( For our shared plans ( the shortest billing cycle is quarterly (pay every 3 months). However, it is recommended to order for a larger period to get a better price! Our offer is absolutely risk-free. You are protected by the 30 days money back guarantee program.

Can you tell me your price list?

Here is the price list for Single, Premium and Business packages: Single (monthly/total) Pay for 3 months $3.99 $11.97 Pay for 6 months $3.55 $21.30 Pay for 12 months $3.25 $39.00 Pay for 24 months $2.85 $68.40 Pay for 36 months $2.15 $77.40 Pay for 48 months $2.15 $103.20 Premium (monthly/total): Pay for 3 months $8.84 $26.52 Pay for 6 months $6.84 $41.04 Pay for 12 months $5.84 $70.08 Pay for 24 months $4.84 $116.16 Pay for 36 months $3.84 $138.24 Pay for 48 months $3.49 $167.52...

Are there any long term contracts?

Our offer is absolutely risk-free. Unlike with most companies, you don't need to pay for 12 months (or sometimes even more) just to even try the service. For example, you can choose to be billed every 3 months and even cancel your subscription at any time. The longest available Billing Cycle is 48 months. With absolutely any package purchase, we include a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked!

Can I change the contact details on my receipt?

Sure! You can update your contact details from your profile at Once the new contact details are saved, they will instantly appear on your receipt.

I get 'Do Not Honor' authorization error when submitting a payment

The "Do Not Honor" authorization error occurs when submitting a payment with a debit or credit card. It means that your bank is not willing to accept the transaction. Usually, this happens because the card does not support online transactions, or the billing information you've entered is incorrect. The exact reason may vary and since we do not handle any payments directly ourselves, the best way to resolve the issue is to contact your bank or credit card provider for more detailed information.

List of available Payment Methods accepts the following payment methods at the moment: * PayPal * BitPay * Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Maestro, Diner's and JCB)

How to stop auto renewal?

You can stop your auto-renewal at any time. This change will NOT affect your account in any way, it will still remain fully active until your accounts expiration date. To turn OFF the automatic billing for your Hosting Account or Domain, You need to access the Members Area. In there, access your Billing section by clicking on Billing at the very top of the Members Area page. Locate "Auto Renew" section and click on the green bar which says "ON", it will make your Auto Renewal to be discontin...

How can I change my current billing cycle?

If your current billing cycle does not fit your needs anymore, you can change it at any time from your hosting account Control Panel by accessing the Billing Cycle menu.

I was double charged! What should I do now?

Double-charges usually happen when You decide to change Your Billing Plan or manually extend the existing Subscription. Whatever the case, do not worry, just contact us via the Help Desk area in Your Control Panel and we will issue a refund for Your additional payment in no-time!