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How to access cPanel?
You can access cPanel by either logging into your profile in Hostinger.com or yo... more
How to restore a backup?
You can easily restore a backup within your cPanel: * Go to your cPanel. ... more
How can I change my Control Panel language?
You can simply change your Control Panel language by pressing on the flag at the... more
Where can I see cPanel or WHM demo?
We do not offer cPanel demo access for security and performance reasons. You can... more
get 'open_basedir restriction in effect, file is not within the allowed path' error
If you get 'open_basedir restriction in effect, file is not within the allowed p... more
Do you provide billing software?
Yes! We do have a range of invoicing software available in our Auto-installer. Y... more
Zyro .htaccess breaks other sites
Since this issue requires more knowledge, please submit a ticket to our Help Des... more
Can I create multiple logins to my cPanel for my friends?
Currently it is not possible to create additional logins for a hosting package, ... more
Why can't I edit all server settings?
Kindly note that we are providing shared hosting services, which means that a si... more
Resource Limit Is Reached
This means that your website is hitting one or more of the hosting account's res... more
Can I install additional webmail themes?
Additional webmail themes cannot be installed for our default webmail client. ... more
How to disable magic quotes? (by using .htaccess)
The magic_quotes_gpc directive can be disabled by adding this line to your .htac... more
Why does a password-protected directory ask twice for the password?
This is happening because you have a password-protected subfolder on your accoun... more
I get a "Disk full" error
Our free accounts do have some limits, including storage. You're seeing the erro... more
Help with random templates
Due to the variety of platforms/templates on which websites can be built, we can... more
How to setup Directory Listing
When a web browser is pointed to a directory on your website which does not have... more
How can I recover MySQL password?
You can change your MySQL User password by navigating to your Hosting cPanel and... more
What is the database information_schema I can see in my phpMyAdmin, do i need it?
The database information_schema is used by cPanel, and it is needed for the acco... more
Access denied for user 'xxx'@'localhost'
This error message usually appears when you use incorrect MySQL login details (u... more
Can I connect to my hosting control panel from mobile device?
You are completely able to login to your hosting control panel through your mobi... more
I get access denied errors when importing a database via phpMyAdmin
If access denied errors are displayed when you try to import MySQL backup file v... more
I see question marks and weird symbols on my site
If strange symbols are displayed on your website, it's related to incorrect data... more
I can not open txt and exe files
We apologize for the inconvenience, but .txt and .exe files are disabled due to ... more
My monitoring scripts report site is down
If you use 3rd party monitoring scripts/services, please be aware that we block ... more
My cronjob does not work
If you run cronjob using PHP command, and get no PHP errors, it means cronjob mi... more
My PHP Max Input time needs to be increased
You can set the max_input_time to "-1", by adding the following line to your .ht... more
Do you support htaccess override?
Yes, .htaccess override is supported on all the packages! more
I get 'User xxx already has more than max user connections' message
If you get 'User XXX already has more than max_user_connections active connectio... more
Can I send newsletters?
If you will stay between the limits, you will be able to send your newsletters, ... more
Help, I have deleted some files
If you have a backup of your website on your computer, use the 'Import Website' ... more
Can I block unwanted incoming emails?
Our servers already have the most advanced spam blocking tools installed, howeve... more
There is a virus on my server!
Please rest assured that there are no viruses on our servers! :) Our servers are... more
Help, my account was hacked!
The most common reasons for a hacked (defaced) website include: - Outdated we... more
How to integrate webmail into my website?
You can access your webmail at http://webmail.yourdomain.com, however, webmail i... more
I get 'unexpected T_STRING' error
You may get error'unexpected T_STRING' because all .html files are parsed as PHP... more
MySQL Server has gone away
If you see the error message 'MySQL Server has gone away', it is possible that y... more
How to change file folder permissions?
There are two main ways of changing permissions for your files and/or folders. B... more
Will my data be lost during upgrade?
When upgrading your account, all your files will be moved automatically to the n... more
I see old content after uploading new files
In case you've just updated your website, but you do not see any actual changes,... more
What are your file type and file size limits?
We do not have any file type or file size limits when uploading via FTP. If you ... more
How do I disable directory listing
If you see Index of / message and list of your files and directories when visiti... more
Website builder does not work properly
If you have any trouble with the Website builder, please contact us by going to ... more
What is the path to my root home directory, how can it be changed?
A home directory contains your website's data on a server. It is a directory for... more
How can I reset my cpanel password?
If you have forgotten your Control Panel password, you can reset it here: https:... more
Can I create logins to one of my hosting account for my customer?
Currently it is not possible to create additional logins for a hosting package, ... more
Why Inodes number unchange after I remove files or folder
If you've removed some of your files but you are not noticing any changes in you... more
Help, my account was canceled!
We do not cancel accounts without a reason. If your account got canceled, it mea... more
How to host multiple domains?
By using the Add Website feature (https://help.hostinger.com/537532-How-can-I-cr... more
How can I deploy my git repository?
You can manage git repositories for your shared hosting from the GIT section of ... more
How can I access my Control Panel?
You can access your website's Control Panel with just a few clicks: Start by lo... more
How can I reset my hosting account?
Using the Reload Account feature on your website's Control Panel, you can reload... more
How can I see the activity of my hosting account?
Any actions you make on your website's Control Panel are logged and the IP from ... more
How can I fix permissions of my files?
Sometimes the permissions of files can be broken or misconfigured. Luckily, the ... more
How can I enable hotlink protection?
Protecting your website's resources, such as videos, links, images is always a g... more
How can I allow a specific IP address for my website?
With the help of the IP Allow Manager you can allow specific IP addresses to acc... more
How can I block a specific IP address for my website?
Blocking a specific IP (visitor) from accessing your website is always a great f... more
How can I password protect my website?
The Password Protect Directories feature, that's located on your website's Contr... more
How can I see my PHP configuration (info)?
To check all of your websites current PHP configuration settings or phpinfo(), a... more
How can I configure a cron job?
A cron job is a scheduled task which takes place at predefined times on the serv... more
How can I renew my existing hosting plan?
Your subscription can be renewed manually at any time by using the Renew menu in... more
How can I change my hosting account's password?
Your hosting account's password can be quickly changed through your website's Co... more
How can I upgrade my hosting account?
Your hosting plan can be Upgraded at any time from your account's Control Panel ... more
Where can I find my hosting account's details?
The Details menu that's found in your website's Control Panel contains the follo... more
How can I create an Addon Domain?
The Add Website feature allows you to add additional Domains to your account tha... more
What is INODE limit?
INODES represent the amount of all the files located on your hosting account. Fo... more
How can I delete my Hosting Account or Addon Domain?
Your Hosting Accounts/Addon Domains can be removed through the account's Control... more
How can I change max_input_vars?
The Max Input Var value represents how many variables your website can use. Depe... more