How to access cPanel?

You can access cPanel by either logging into your profile in or you can access cPanel by following this link:

How to restore a backup?

You can easily restore a backup within your cPanel: * Go to your cPanel. * Click on "Import Website" in the "Website" section. * Upload your backup file in .zip, .tar or .tar.gz archive. * You will get a message that the "File has been uploaded" as soon as the backup is restored.

How can I change my Control Panel language?

You can simply change your Control Panel language by pressing on the flag at the top right corner of your Control Panel Keep in mind that the other language will depend on which Reseller you're in. In example, you see Turkish language because the reseller is Hostinger Turkey.

Where can I see cPanel or WHM demo?

We do not offer cPanel demo access for security and performance reasons. You can register on our website or you can simply check the tutorials here - You will find pictures of our Control Panel there!

get 'open_basedir restriction in effect, file is not within the allowed path' error

If you get 'open_basedir restriction in effect, file is not within the allowed path' or similar error message, please make sure your script is trying to access files from your home directory (which is /home/yourusername/*). Keep in mind that you are not allowed to access files from directories outside your account.

Do you provide billing software?

Yes! We do have a range of invoicing software available in our Auto-installer. You can access it by going to your Control Panel -> Auto installer. We recommend BoxBilling billing software. Just search for "BoxBilling" in the autoinstaller and proceed with the installation. If you need support with BoxBilling, you would need to purchase a PRO license from directly, this will give access to support help desk on their platform.

Zyro .htaccess breaks other sites

Since this issue requires more knowledge, please submit a ticket to our Help Desk and we will assist you right away.

Can I create multiple logins to my cPanel for my friends?

Currently it is not possible to create additional logins for a hosting package, however, most sites consist of 3 core elements: databases, e-mails, and files (FTP). You can create logins for your friends to these elements, and they will be able to manage their sites and emails without problems: 1) You can create limited FTP accounts via Control Panel -> FTP Accounts (they will be able to access only the specific folder that you will assign) 2) You can create e-mail accounts via cPa...

Why can't I edit all server settings?

Kindly note that we are providing shared hosting services, which means that a single server is used to store multiple user accounts. We are unable to edit some of the servers PHP/Apache/MySQL settings, as it would affect the overall performance and degrade the security level. However, we do provide virtual private server (VPS ( packages where you can configure everything to your liking.

Resource Limit Is Reached

This means that your website is hitting one or more of the hosting account's resource limits (CPU, memory). We use 'CloudLinux' system to ensure that no single hosting account can monopolize server resources to the detriment of any other. If your site is consistently hitting its resource limits, you may wish to optimize the script you're running on your account, or consider an upgrade to VPS hosting package ( Great tutorials on how you could resolve th...

Can I install additional webmail themes?

Additional webmail themes cannot be installed for our default webmail client. However, you may install your own webmail client and add custom themes or use a VPS server ( for this (recommended).

How to disable magic quotes? (by using .htaccess)

The magic_quotes_gpc directive can be disabled by adding this line to your .htaccess file in the directory, where you want the magic_quotes disabled: php_flag magic_quotes_gpc off .htaccess file is located in your public_html folder, on your FTP.

Why does a password-protected directory ask twice for the password?

This is happening because you have a password-protected subfolder on your account. If there is a .htaccess file above the subfolder you are trying to password protect, Apache webserver is confused and asks the password for each .htaccess file it finds in its path. In order to solve this, either move the password protection to your web root folder or remove any rewrite rules/redirections.

I get a "Disk full" error

Our free accounts do have some limits, including storage. You're seeing the error message "Disk full" because some of our free hosting servers have been struggling with disk space recently, however, we can assure you that we're constantly cleaning it up! The procedure is manual, which takes a lot of time and we bet you can imagine how many users we have over on our free services. If you'd like to unleash your full potential and bypass any resource restrictions, we highly recommend checking o...

Help with random templates

Due to the variety of platforms/templates on which websites can be built, we can't help with any random template. We recommend contacting template creators for further assistance.

How to setup Directory Listing

When a web browser is pointed to a directory on your website which does not have an index.html file in it, the files in that directory can be listed on a web page. To have the web server produce a list of files for such directories, use the below line in your .htaccess (can be found in FTP -> public_html folder): Options +Indexes To have an error (403 - Forbidden) returned instead, use this line: Options -Indexes

How can I recover MySQL password?

You can change your MySQL User password by navigating to your Hosting cPanel and clicking on MySQL section. There you will be able to change the password for your desired MySQL user.

What is the database information_schema I can see in my phpMyAdmin, do i need it?

The database information_schema is used by cPanel, and it is needed for the account to function properly. Please do not delete information_schema database, it will cause your website/database to misbehave.

Access denied for user 'xxx'@'localhost'

This error message usually appears when you use incorrect MySQL login details (username, password, hostname or database name could be incorrect) in your website configuration file. In order to solve this issue, you should navigate to your hosting account cPanel -> MySQL dashboard and double check MySQL login details.

Can I connect to my hosting control panel from mobile device?

You are completely able to login to your hosting control panel through your mobile device, you can either do it by logging into your Hostinger's profile or you can do it by following this link:

I get access denied errors when importing a database via phpMyAdmin

If access denied errors are displayed when you try to import MySQL backup file via phpMyAdmin, most likely your MySQL query contains invalid (forbidden) queries. Please open your MySQL file and make sure there are no queries like 'use database' or similar. Also make sure your MySQL file does not contain any MySQL database names/usernames/passwords (if a file is being imported from another host, most likely database name or username/password will be different here). Your MySQL file should c...

I see question marks and weird symbols on my site

If strange symbols are displayed on your website, it's related to incorrect database and/or page encoding. In order to fix this issue, page encoding needs to be changed. Your website should also have UTF-8 meta tag: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> You may also try to add this line at the top of your index.php page: header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8'); Also, there could be a problem if your files are encoded in "UFT8 with BOM" ...

I can not open txt and exe files

We apologize for the inconvenience, but .txt and .exe files are disabled due to security reasons. However, you may still include these files within your scripts without any problems.

My monitoring scripts report site is down

If you use 3rd party monitoring scripts/services, please be aware that we block all IPs which make too many connections to our server. If your monitoring service is trying to make a lot of connections every hour, it will be blocked and you will receive reports that site is down (while the site will be running perfectly fine). This security restriction can not be turned off, as it is needed to prevent DDOS and flood attacks.

My cronjob does not work

If you run cronjob using PHP command, and get no PHP errors, it means cronjob might be executed without any problems and there is a problem with your script. Your cronjob should look like this: /usr/bin/php /home/u100065182/public_html/wp-cron.php You can also check our another Knowledge base article about CronJob (

My PHP Max Input time needs to be increased

You can set the max_input_time to "-1", by adding the following line to your .htaccess file: php_flag max_input_time -1 You can find your .htaccess file by going to your FTP (File Manager) -> Public_html folder :)

Do you support htaccess override?

Yes, .htaccess override is supported on all the packages!

I get 'User xxx already has more than max user connections' message

If you get 'User XXX already has more than max_user_connections active connections' or similar error message, it means your script is not optimized and makes too many connections to the database (or your website is very active, has many users online at the same time). You may want to run mysql_reconnect command before each query in this case. Also, you can try adding command mysql_close() at the end of your script to close all open connections.

Can I send newsletters?

If you will stay between the limits, you will be able to send your newsletters, however, no mass mailers/spammers are allowed (account will be automatically suspended if you try to send mass mail)! :) Currently, we have these SMTP emails _per hour_ sending limits on our shared servers according to the package: * Per email account: 200/200/500 (Single/Premium/Business) * Per domain: 1000/1000/1000 (Single/Premium/Business) And these are the Sendmail (PHP mail) _per minute_ limits: ...

Help, I have deleted some files

If you have a backup of your website on your computer, use the 'Import Website' tool on cPanel and upload that archive. All the files will be restored to the public_html folder within a few minutes! You can also extract this archive on your computer and then manually upload these files by File Manager or by using FileZilla FTP client. If you do not have a backup, no worries, contact our support staff and we will check for your backup on our servers! :)

Can I block unwanted incoming emails?

Our servers already have the most advanced spam blocking tools installed, however, you can block incoming emails by going to your cPanel -> Email Accounts -> Roundcube, check the settings there and mark unwanted email as spam!

There is a virus on my server!

Please rest assured that there are no viruses on our servers! :) Our servers are using Linux OS and we do use only the best security software available on the market! If you get any virus warnings on your website, it means that there is a problem (or some kind of malicious script) in your source code. We are happy to answer all support and technical questions related to service itself, but we only provide web hosting services, and we do not experience in building or securing websites.

Help, my account was hacked!

The most common reasons for a hacked (defaced) website include: - Outdated web application. Every popular web application (Joomla, WordPress, PhpBB...) has had security problems and that's why you have to use always the latest version. - Outdated web application extension. If you have installed any third party extensions, you have to keep them up-to-date just as you keep your main web application. Very often users neglect this fact and outdated extensions become easily exploited by intrude...

How to integrate webmail into my website?

You can access your webmail at, however, webmail integration into the website is not possible because of security reasons. Also, since this is a shared hosting, not all configuration can be changed.

I get 'unexpected T_STRING' error

You may get error'unexpected T_STRING' because all .html files are parsed as PHP. If your .html file contains "<?" or "?>" tags (which shows for file parser that PHP code has started), you can get this error. This can also happen with XML files if they are not using correct content type. If order to fix this error you need to remove "<?" and "?>" symbols or entire lines with these symbols from your HTML page source.

MySQL Server has gone away

If you see the error message 'MySQL Server has gone away', it is possible that your script is not fully optimized and makes too many connections to the database. It may also happen due to excessive amounts of traffic. Another probable cause for this issue may be heavy or slow MySQL queries. In either case, in order to solve this problem, you should check if your database is well optimized and has indexes set up correctly. If you are using a 3rd party script, you should definitely try contac...

How to change file folder permissions?

There are two main ways of changing permissions for your files and/or folders. Both of which include the usage of the following tools: 1. File Manager - Navigate to the file or folder which permissions you wish to change, right-click on it and choose 'Permissions' option. You will be able to enter the desired value in the following window. 2. FTP client (ex. FileZilla) - Similarly to the previous option, you will need to find the file/folder, right-click on it and then look for either 'CHMOD' ...

Will my data be lost during upgrade?

When upgrading your account, all your files will be moved automatically to the new server, your files will not be lost and you will not experience any downtime!

I see old content after uploading new files

In case you've just updated your website, but you do not see any actual changes, it's your browser's cache showing the old content. You can either try accessing your website with a different browser or follow the instructions below to clear the cache of the one you're using already. **Introduction** Browser cache is a really useful function for all daily web visitors. If you are a novice in website development or you are just a regular user who likes to check some websites from time to tim...

What are your file type and file size limits?

We do not have any file type or file size limits when uploading via FTP. If you upload file using PHP (instead of FTP), max file size limit is 128 MB for Single and Premium and 256 MB for Business plan users. Also, we have a file size limit of 32MB when uploading files via the file manager in control panel. Currently, these limits can not be increased anymore. If your file is very large, it might be that web-based upload could fail, so we strongly suggest uploading big files with an FTP client....

How do I disable directory listing

If you see Index of / message and list of your files and directories when visiting your website, it means there is no index file uploaded on your account. Directory listing can be disabled from your control panel -> Folder Index Manager section -> select public_html folder -> choose No indexing You can also upload an empty index.html or index.php file if you don't want any content to be displayed (but want to disable list of directories). The best way to resolve this would be buil...

Website builder does not work properly

If you have any trouble with the Website builder, please contact us by going to our Live Chat or submitting a ticket in the Help section of your Hostinger profile, we will be happy to assist you.

What is the path to my root home directory, how can it be changed?

A home directory contains your website's data on a server. It is a directory for your own hosting account. The path to your home directory is: _/home/username/public_html _ (where "_username_" is your username) To find your username, log into and choose your hosting account. Your username will be at the top of the control panel, on the left-hand side. Home directory cannot be changed on our shared hosting packages due to control panel restrictions. However, ...

How can I reset my cpanel password?

If you have forgotten your Control Panel password, you can reset it here: If you have any trouble recovering your password using the link above, do not hesitate to contact us by going to our Live Chat or submitting us an inquiry.

Can I create logins to one of my hosting account for my customer?

Currently it is not possible to create additional logins for a hosting package, however, most sites consist of 3 core elements: databases, e-mails, and files (FTP). You can create logins for your friends to these elements, and they will be able to manage their sites and emails without problems: 1) You can create limited FTP accounts via Control Panel -> FTP Accounts (they will be able to access only the specific folder that you will assign) 2) You can create e-mail accounts via cPa...

Why Inodes number unchange after I remove files or folder

If you've removed some of your files but you are not noticing any changes in your inode usage, just try reloading resource limit stats. This can be done in your website's Control Panel. Look for REFRESH STATS option at the very left side of the Control Panel, where all of your limits and account information is displayed:

Help, my account was canceled!

We do not cancel accounts without a reason. If your account got canceled, it means that you have done that by yourself through your Control Panel or you had illegal files (phishing, child porn and etc.) and we had no other choice but to cancel your account.

How to host multiple domains?

By using the Add Website feature ( in your website's Control Panel will allow you to host multiple domains and websites on the same Hosting package. The website will have it's own Control Panel and will work as a separate Hosting Account.

How can I deploy my git repository?

You can manage git repositories for your shared hosting from the GIT section of your hosting account control panel. From this section, you can deploy an application directly from public Git repository. Enter your public repository HTTP URL, branch name and install path. Install path can be left empty, the application will be deployed directly to public_html directory. WARNING: Install path directory must not contain any files or folders, otherwise deployment will fail.

How can I access my Control Panel?

You can access your website's Control Panel with just a few clicks: Start by logging into your Members Area. Locate the _Hosting_ section button that can be found either at the top of the Members Area page or by accessing the Home page. In the _Hosting section_, you will see all of Your Hosting Accounts. Choose the Hosting Account you wish to access by clicking on it. Choose Manage in the newly appeared options to access the accounts' Control Panel.

How can I reset my hosting account?

Using the Reload Account feature on your website's Control Panel, you can reload (or in other words reset) your hosting account and delete all of its files, databases, emails and any configurations. A fresh account with the very default settings will be re-created. This can help you remove all default files created by Website Builder or Autoinstaller, so you will be able to install new scripts without any errors afterwards. It's also great if your website is full of malware. This action canno...

How can I see the activity of my hosting account?

Any actions you make on your website's Control Panel are logged and the IP from which this action was made from is also logged. This is important to ensure only you have access to your account, as well as a great way to remember exactly what you've changed or added from a few weeks back. To find the full log, head over to your Control Panel and locate the Activity Log menu.

How can I fix permissions of my files?

Sometimes the permissions of files can be broken or misconfigured. Luckily, the Fix File Ownership is a tool is available on your website's Control Panel to help you out! Make sure to use it in case you have any problems with editing, deleting files, as well as if you are receiving any errors related to permissions of your files.

How can I enable hotlink protection?

Protecting your website's resources, such as videos, links, images is always a good idea. If you do not want your website's images to be shared and want your visitors to access your full website, instead of just the image itself (great for image/video based websites) the Hotlink Protection feature is just for you! The Hotlink Protection feature blocks other websites and visitors from directly linking to files and pictures on your website. To start protecting your website's resources, just head ...

How can I allow a specific IP address for my website?

With the help of the IP Allow Manager you can allow specific IP addresses to access your website. This feature will let you allow a range of IP addresses to access your website in case they were blocked. It's also very useful if you want to deny all access to your website, except only specific IP's. To locate the manager, access your website's Control Panel and search for the IP Allow Manager menu. From the "Allow an IP Address" section you can add IP's that will be whitelisted and allowed on...

How can I block a specific IP address for my website?

Blocking a specific IP (visitor) from accessing your website is always a great feature. This is extremely effective to block malicious or unwanted users from accessing your website. The IP Deny Manager helps you block a specific IP Address from your website. You can find the manager in your website's Control Panel. In there, by using the Block an IP Address section you can block unwanted IP's and leave a note to the block (great for remembering why this specific IP was blocked if it's only t...

How can I password protect my website?

The Password Protect Directories feature, that's located on your website's Control Panel, allows you to set a password to limit access to your website (or parts of it). From "Select Directory" table, you can select the directory you wish to protect and from the "Set a password to limit access to your website (or parts of it)" form allows you to choose an username and a password for the directory. Note: If you forgot your username or password - no worries, you can fully manage your prote...

How can I see my PHP configuration (info)?

To check all of your websites current PHP configuration settings or phpinfo(), access your website's Control Panel and search for the PHP Info menu.

How can I configure a cron job?

A cron job is a scheduled task which takes place at predefined times on the server. You can configure them at the Cron Jobs section of your hosting account control panel. Using the "Create a New Cron Job" you can set to execute a PHP script on your custom schedule.

How can I renew my existing hosting plan?

Your subscription can be renewed manually at any time by using the Renew menu in your Control Panel. In the Renewal menu, you can change your Billing Cycle, apply a coupon code and renew your account.

How can I change my hosting account's password?

Your hosting account's password can be quickly changed through your website's Control Panel by accessing the Change Password menu. Changing your Hosting account's password will also change your default FTP account's password. Your Hostinger Profile password will not be changed.

How can I upgrade my hosting account?

Your hosting plan can be Upgraded at any time from your account's Control Panel by accessing the Upgrade menu. In the Upgrade menu, choose the package best suited for your needs and select a Billing Cycle, according to your preference. Once you've completed the Upgrade order, your account will be upgraded instantly.

Where can I find my hosting account's details?

The Details menu that's found in your website's Control Panel contains the following information: * Your account's nameserver details. * Your website's information, like it's IP, server hostname, Domain address. * Your Email details. (This is very useful if you wish to setup your Email accounts on clients like Outlook or Thunderbird) * Your account's FTP details. To access this menu, just enter your website's Control Panel and locate the Details menu there.

How can I create an Addon Domain?

The Add Website feature allows you to add additional Domains to your account that will have their own Control Panel as well and act as separate websites. This is feature is vital if you wish to host more than one website and Domain. To create a new Addon Domain, head over to your current hosting account's Control Panel and search for the Add Website menu. Use the Search Bar at the top of your Control Panel page to locate it more easily. In the newly opened page, search for the Add New Add-on...

What is INODE limit?

INODES represent the amount of all the files located on your hosting account. For example, a mail stored in your account will be 1 inode, a mail which contained 2 attachments will be 3 inodes. Any image file, video, HTML file, folder and script file are considered inodes. What happens if INODE limit is reached? Once the INODE limit is reached, you will no longer be able to create any more additional files. Your website might also stop working properly. The solution is to remove any unused webs...

How can I delete my Hosting Account or Addon Domain?

Your Hosting Accounts/Addon Domains can be removed through the account's Control Panel with just a few clicks, however, please note, that your Hostinger profile cannot be fully removed for security reasons. Access the Control Panel of the account you wish to remove and search for the Delete Account menu. You can use the Search Bar at the top of the Control Panel page to locate the menu more quickly. IMPORTANT: Make sure to make Backups of the account you wish to remove to avoid any loss of f...

How can I change max_input_vars?

The Max Input Var value represents how many variables your website can use. Depending on your script or website, you may need to change this value. For example, it's recommended to set this value to 3000 for WordPress. Having a lower value can have an effect on your website's performance, as well as cause issues with your Plugins or Theme. To change Your account's _max_input_vars value_, access your website's Control Panel and search for the PHP Configuration menu. You can also just type "PHP" ...