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How can I take backup for Zyro website?
Backup files are important for each business or for a personal website. If you h... more
Can I install applications automatically?
Manual installation of applications is possible! Our Auto Installer lets you cho... more
How can I access my website builder?
The Zyro Website Builder feature is a power tool that's suited for users who hav... more
Why is my website not displayed in Search Engines like Google?
Your website is not added to search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing automatic... more
Can you show me an example of site hosted with you?
We do not reveal our client details (like website URLs, emails, etc.) to 3rd par... more
I do not see .htaccess file
If you do not see .htaccess file, there might be 2 possible issues: 1. This fil... more
File downloads time out, please help
There is a 2-minute connection timeout on our servers. That means that all conne... more
Is gambling content allowed?
Gambling content is allowed, however, browser-based games are not supported here... more
Where can I see website builder demo ?
Our Zyro builder demo is located at this link: http://test.zyro.com/template/ more
Can you add/update auto installer scripts?
At the moment, we cannot add more scripts to our auto installer. However, keep i... more
Help, I can't install Joomla components!
This is a known issue with Joomla script - some components cannot be installed c... more
403 Forbidden error was encountered
To fix this, please, CHMOD your public_html directory to 755. You may do this i... more
Help, my website was hacked!
The most common reasons for a hacked (defaced) website include: - Outdated web ... more
Are there any limits in Zyro builder?
Zyro builder does not have limits, only your hosting package does. You can creat... more
Can you offer a VPN connection for me?
VPN connections are supported only on our VPS packages that can be found here - ... more
How can I protect source code of my website?
Source code can not be protected and anyone can view site source code by visitin... more
How do I change my website builder template to another?
If you are trying to change your web builder template, you need to start the ins... more
Problem: Browser tries to download PHP file
There might be several ways to fix PHP file download problem, however, in most c... more
My WordPress was hacked, how to reset my admin password?
If you are unable to reset the password by requesting a reset link to be sent to... more
I see blank / white page (if website is based on PHP)
If your website is based on PHP, the most common reason for this problem is that... more
SMF - Blank page
You can try to resolve this issue by taking these steps. Open the following f... more
Tracert shows that connection times out at some point.
If you can see that at some node your connection times out, it usually means tha... more
Do you support wordpress mu? How to install it?
Wordpress mu plugins are not supported on our servers, however, you can use them... more
I see HTTP code 200 when debugging my website
If you see a message (code) like '200 OK' when debugging your site, it means you... more
How to add file extension to MIME types?
You can add an extension to mime types with the help of .htaccess (https://www.h... more
How to disable mod_security?
Mod_security can be easily disabled with the help of .htaccess (https://www.host... more
How to disable output_buffering?
To disable output buffering, add the following line to your .htaccess (https://w... more
Other errors
Online resources are a great place for error fixing and troubleshooting. Google ... more
What is the time zone of your servers?
Coordinated Universal time (UTC) time zone is being used on our servers. You ca... more
How to optimize Joomla for better performance?
Is your Joomla website slow? Here are some basic tips to optimize your Joomla we... more
I can't verify my website using Google Webmaster tools
If you have uploaded Google verification file to /public_html and Google still d... more
How can I find my computer IP address?
In order to find the public IP address for your device, you may visit https://ww... more
How can I change page encoding?
You need to complete the following step to change page encoding: Add this line ... more
Facebook displays incorrect preview when I share my website
Facebook caches pages, so you just need to get Facebook to update their cache. T... more
Unable to read 0 bytes in file name php on line 0
"Unable to read XXX bytes in FILE_NAME on line 0" error basically means that you... more
Can I sell stuff on my website?
With all our hosting plans you can sell your product/service on your website. We... more
Do you support PHP popen function?
Functions like exec(), shell_exec(), proc_open(), passthru(), system(), popen(),... more
Where can I see PHP limitations for my account?
In order to see phpinfo page for the server where your account is located, pleas... more
How to install Moodle on subdomain?
In many cases people want to install Moodle on a subdomain, instead of a subdire... more
Do you allow adult web pages?
You are able to host adult web pages with all our hosting packages. Just keep in... more
How to increase WordPress migrate plugin import size
Go ahead and open up /wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-wp-migration/constants.php ... more
How to block IP using .htaccess file?
You may block access to your website from specific IP addresses using .htaccess ... more
I get slow download/upload speed!
Please note that our servers are located in UK if you are from another country, ... more
How can I fix "missed schedule" error in WordPress?
Scheduling your posts on WordPress is a great way to keep your website active ev... more
Where can I find Zen Cart configuration file?
The Zen Cart configuration file is extremely useful when it comes to this script... more
How can I defer parsing of JavaScript in WordPress?
In case website optimization tools such as GTMetrix (https://gtmetrix.com/) sugg... more
Where can I see database configuration for SMF forum?
All settings related to your SMF forum are located in Settings.php file in your ... more
How can I remove Zyro from my website?
There are two ways to remove Zyro from your website: 1. You can use the Reload ... more
Where can I change Wordpress upload limitation?
The default values for the maximum upload size on WordPress is set to a very low... more
How can I create web push notifications in WordPress?
Web push notifications are great to say in touch with your website's visitors an... more
How can I create a child theme in WordPress?
Child Themes is a feature available on WordPress. A child theme allows making mo... more
How to check my websites traffic?
If you would like to know how much traffic your site getting, it's highly recomm... more
How can I add custom fonts to WordPress?
Adding custom fonts to your website can be a little problematic considering you ... more
Can you recommend a good billing system for me?
There are many different web-hosting billing systems around, and your final choi... more
Can I migrate my blog from Blogger to Hostinger?
Your Blogger website can be used only on Blogger's platform. However, you can fu... more
My WordPress site got infected with malware. How can I fix it?
No worries, if your website got infected with malware, it does not mean all of y... more
My WordPress site is slow. How can I speed it up?
As your website grows and becomes bigger, it's only natural that in some time it... more
How can I change the website template on Zyro?
To change your Zyro website's Template access the Website Builder on your websit... more
My AdSense ads are not being displayed!
If you ever run into a problem regarding your AdSense ads, the first thing you s... more
How can I edit httpd.conf?
You can not edit httpd.conf since access to it is not allowed on our Shared Host... more
How to enable error_log.txt logging over .htaccess file
To start logging your PHP errors to an error_log file instead of the .logs folde... more
How I can see webpage without changing nameservers?
So you've started developing your website but you don't have a Domain Name yet? ... more
Google Maps is working in the website builder but it is not working on my website
In order to use Google Maps on your website, it is necessary to create an API ke... more
What is the time zone of your servers?
The default time zone used on our servers is GMT+0. The global server time confi... more
Why I can see only "Index of /" on my page?
By default, when accessing your website simply by using the Domain name (www.exa... more
I get error "Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress"
The error message "Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extensi... more
How to optimize my website to make it load faster?
We would highly recommend using GTMetrix Tool (https://gtmetrix.com) to analyze ... more
How to change Wordpress URL from wp-config file
To change WordPress URL you need to put this code into the wp-config.php file: ... more
Can I get a free hosting plan?
Hostinger.com does not offer any Free packages. However, all of our hosting plan... more
How to remove the suspected malware/phishing warning message from my website?
If you see a malware or a phishing warning on your website, it means Google has ... more
How to change Wordpress theme manually?
In order to change WordPress theme manually, you will need to edit your wp-confi... more
My website is not secure!
If you see an error on your browser that states your website is not secure, try ... more
How to add login form to my website?
You can protect individual directories using 'Password Protected Directories' fe... more
Can I use Dreamweaver to publish my sites?
Dreamweaver is fully supported works with Hostinger and you will not have any is... more
Can you update php version?
Your website's PHP version can be changed through your hosting account's Control... more
Images are not displayed on my website
Please make sure images are uploaded to the server. Secondly, check if HTML sour... more
How do I submit my website to search engines?
Your website is not added to search engines automatically. There are many differ... more
Where can I find Drupal config location?
**In order for Drupal to work correctly, you have to configure your database det... more
Can I use temporary URL to access my website?
Hostinger does not offer a temporary URL feature at the moment. If you wish to ... more
Can I place AdSense or other ads on my website?
You are welcome to place any type of advertisements on your website, including A... more
Do you place any forced ads on my website?
Hostinger does NOT place any forced ads on our customer's websites. more
How to create an .htaccess file?
You can simply create .htaccess by going to your Control Panel -> File Manage... more
"Unable to read 0 bytes in FILE_NAME.php on line 0" error
If you see _"Unable to read XXX bytes in FILE_NAME on line 0"_ or similar error ... more
Where can I see CPU usage logs?
Hostinger does not store CPU usage logs at the moment. Once an account starts to... more
403 Forbidden error was encountered
To fix this, please, CHMOD your public_html directory to 755. You may do this i... more
How to install Magento by bypassing SHOW DATABASES privilege
"SHOW DATABASES" is disabled on Hostinger for security reasons. In order to inst... more
Can I use the latest version of Laravel?
You sure can! Our Automatic Script Installer (http://help.hostinger.com/400140-C... more
Can I deploy a git repository?
You sure can! A git repository, such as GitHub, can be used to deploy and instal... more
Domain is not pointing to the nameservers
If you've just created a new hosting account or made any changes to your Domain'... more
Where can I find error logs for my website?
You can find error logs in your control panel by going to File Manager and openi... more
My Zyro contact form does not send me email
Inside your Website builder, click on the _contact form_ and you will see a penc... more
How can I place AdSense on my website built with Zyro?
You can integrate AdSense with your Zyro website very easily. This feature is av... more
How can I customize my website's error pages?
Most of the errors displayed by your website can be fully customized. You can su... more
How can I import my website automatically?
If you have your website compressed into one .zip, .tar or .tar.gz file, you can... more
Can I downgrade to free hosting?
Your Premium or Business package cannot be downgraded to a Free package. You can... more
How to transfer my website to your server?
If your website doesn't use MySQL databases, moving your site is very easy. Simp... more
Why do I need to solve a captcha to see my website?
Our servers are running BitNinja which is a server security system. BitNinja is... more
I cannot access my website, I think it's not working.
Sometimes, your website may become unreachable and it might not load properly fo... more
What kind of security measures does Hostinger use?
Our servers have advanced security modules (such as Apache mod_security, Suhosin... more
How to backup and restore a Zyro website?
Making backups is vital to keep your website safe as well as to avoid any issues... more
I can't access my WordPress Admin Area, help!
If you forgot your WordPress Admin Area password and the password recovery featu... more
Can I move my hosting account from one Hostinger profile to another?
Your existing Hosting Account cannot be moved from one Hostinger profile to anot... more
My website created with Zyro is forcing HTTPS instead of HTTP. How can I turn it off?
The best thing about Zyro is that it's very easy to use and does not require any... more
How can I use a favicon with my Zyro website?
A Favicon is a great solution to make Your website look more professional and ey... more
My site was deleted, how to restore my site?
If you have canceled your hosting account before the expiration date, you can ea... more
Why do I get CPU Limit Exceeded?
There are several causes that lead to the overcoming of resources: - An excessi... more
I get Internal Server Error (500), help!
There are many different reasons as to why you can get the Internal Server Error... more
How can I redirect my HTTP site to HTTPS?
Even though You have an SSL certificate for Your website, your visitors will not... more
How to fix phpwind install failed issue?
Before uploading all phpwind files to your hosting account, please use your pref... more
Why am I getting a BitNinja message when I try to access my website?
BitNinja is one of the security solutions we have active on Hostingers platform.... more
How to fix Discuz setup failed issue
Please follow this guide in order to fix the setup failed issue. Before uploadi... more