FTP / File Manager

Why does the login to additional FTP account fail?

If you have created additional FTP accounts and experience any login problems, please double check if your username is correct. For example, if your username is u334914894 and you created new FTP account "alex", your FTP username will NOT be alex, it will be "u334914894.alex" instead.

Where is the configuration file for my script located?

We have compiled a list of configuration file locations for most popular scripts: 4Images Gallery /config.php B2 Evolution /conf/_basic_config.php Boonex Dolphin /inc/header.inc.php Coppermine Photo Gallery /include/config.inc.php Cube Cart /includes/global.inc.php dotProject /includes/config.php Drupal /sites/default/settings.php FAQMasterFlex /faq_config.php Gallery /config.php Geeklog /db-config.php /siteconfig.php /lib-common.php Joomla /configuration.php Mambo /configuration...

How to make directory/file writable?

To make a desired directory/file writable, simply change file permissions to 775, if you want everyone to be able to write into the directory, set the permissions to 777. It can be done via file manager from the cPanel or via FTP client. Right click on the file and select "Permissions". Here is a tutorial on how to use File Manager on Hostinger shared hosting servers, you will see how to add change the permissions there too - https://www.hostinger.com/tutorials/how-to-use-hostinger-file-manag...

I can not extract .rar files via cPanel file manager

Unfortunately, .rar files cannot be extracted on our shared servers. Please re-upload a .zip or .tar.gz files and you will be able to extract them without any problems. Note: you can find a tutorial about it here - How to extract compressed files (http://help.hostinger.com/156964-How-do-I-extract-compressed-files)

How do I extract compressed files?

To extract rar/zip files, please use the "Extract files from archive" feature in your File manager. You can also provide a .zip file of all your website files to our "Import Website" too, which is accessible from your Control Panel and it will extract everything to your home directory.

How to auto configure FTP client?

In order to configure your FTP client, you'll need to download and install an FTP client: * FileZilla - Windows/Linux/Mac - https://filezilla-project.org/download.php? * Cyberduck - Windows/Mac - https://cyberduck.io/ * WinSCP - Windows - https://winscp.net After installing an FTP client, please head to cPanel -> Files- > FTP Access, you will find all of the necessary credentials to log in to your FTP client.

I see 'Warning: ftp_mkdir() failed' error

In order to fix this error please run the 'Fix File Ownership' tool from your control panel. This will solve the problem immediately.

Can I enable anonymous FTP connections?

Hostinger does not support anonymous FTP connections for security and performance purposes.

I'm not able to delete folder from file manager

If you are trying to delete file or folder from your File Manager and you receive an error like "You don't have permission...", there is nothing to worry about! This can be simply fixed by going into your Control Panel and clicking on "Fix File Ownership" icon (it is located at bottom of your control panel).

Can I use your hosting for storage?

Our Shared Hosting plans are specifically meant for website hosting only and should not be used for file/backup storage online! However, we still have packages suited for your! You can find our VPS packages here - https://www.hostinger.com/vps-hosting VPS packages do not have any restrictions for what you store there - they are your own private servers! To find out more about VPS packages and learn how to manage them, feel free to check out our VPS Tutorials (https://www.hostinger.com/tutorials...

I use CloudFlare and file manager is not working

File Manger is not working because CloudFlare has assigned you a different IP address. You can access FTP with other FTP software such as FileZilla by specifying your hosting account's IP address as a host instead of hostname. You can find FTP access details in your control panel "Details" section. If you don't remember the password you can change it in Details section as well.

I get "421 too many connections" FTP error

If you use FileZilla software: To limit the number of connections of an EXISTING configured connection, you need to go to the Site Manager, click on the "transfer settings" tab. Check the_ "limit number of simultaneous connections" _and then write 4. If You do not use a configured connection (No site manager), then simply go to _Edit -> Settings -> Transfers_ then for _"Maximum simultaneous transfers"_ put _"4"_. Make sure that there are no errors during transfer. All other FTP clients s...

Is it possible to change the FTP timeout?

The FTP timeout settings cannot be disabled on our Shared Hosting packages. It has been set to 60 seconds, by default, to ensure the best performance and minimum transfer interruptions for all of our customers.

How can I log in onto my account via SSH?

SSH Access is only available if you are using our Premium or Business web hosting service. SSH Access is not available on the free web hosting service. SSH Access must be enabled under Advanced->SSH Access before use. Thereafter you can log in to the account with the details shown on the SSH Access page. Please note that the username and password are the same as for FTP, whereas the IP address is most likely different from that of FTP.

How to create additional FTP accounts?

Multiple FTP accounts are great if more than one user will be accessing your website's files. You can also restrict the new account's access by allowing it to access only specific folders. To create a new FTP account, head over to your website's Control Panel and locate FTP Accounts menu. In there, you will notice 2 fields at the top of the page. Select Directory and Create a New FTP Account. First, you should Select a Directory that the account will be able to access. Selecting /public_html...

How to set access rights for files and folders with chmod?

With CHMOD you can allow viewing editing and execution rights to your files and folders. These rights can be set differently to the owner (you) group of users or to public. CHMOD can be easily set via File Manager which you can find in your control panel. * Open File Manager * Select desired file or folder and click "chmod" button * The usual combination is "755". Save changes with the green button.

I'm having trouble connecting to FTP, what should I do ?

If you are encountering issues connecting to your FTP, make sure to: * Verify that you are using the correct FTP hostname. If you are failing to access your FTP by using the hostname (ftp.example.com), try using Your hosting account's IP address instead. Both your Hostname and IP can be found in your accounts FTP Access details page (http://help.hostinger.com/440528-Where-can-I-find-my-FTP-details). * Make sure you are using correct username and password, double-check and make sure you di...