Can I host affiliate based websites here?

You can host affiliate based websites (with affiliate links, banners, etc.) without any problems here!

How many rewards can I get?

You are able to get an unlimited number of rewards. For example, if you have 10 active referrals you can get 2 x 5$ payment or you can wait and collect more referrals for a free domain name.

How do I get paid?

You get payments ranging from $5 to $100 by recommending our services. Payments will be delivered to you via PayPal or we can add them to your Hostinger account balance. You are able to use money from balance to purchase services from us/extend or upgrade existing services.

Why my referral pending?

If you are seeing a "Pending" status next to one of your referrals, that means that 30 days have not yet passed since client registered or client is still inactive and has not started using our services. (we will continuously check client status and change it to "Active" if client starts using our services). Before your Referrals can become "Active", these conditions have to be met: * Referral must be registered on Hostinger for at least 30 days. * Referral must have at least 1 website c...

Where can I read the Affiliate Program Agreement?

The Affiliate Program Agreement, to which each and every Affiliate must agree to, can be located here: Make sure to read it all carefully, to avoid any confusion about the terms that are set for our Affiliates

Where can I find my referral link?

If you've decided to enter our Referral Program (, one of the first things you should look for is your Referral Link, as this link will actually allow you to achieve the goals to receive Free Premium Subscription as well as a nice sum of money, just for referring your friends and family! To locate your Referral Link, login to your Hostinger Profile and search for the Referrals menu at the top of the of the members area. Click it and select the Information tab...